AN IDEAL COMBINATION OF INNOVATIVE INGREDIENTS THAT WILL TAKE EXCELLENT CARE OF THE DELICATE SKIN AROUND YOUR EYES: → L.C.G.S. MC 8.0 – UV radiation and blue light have a negative impact on the sensitive skin around the eyes – they cause oxidative stress and contribute to the appearance of wrinkles caused, among others, by excessive squinting. That is why the cream has been enriched with a complex created with the use of epigenetic mechanisms – L.C.G.S. MC 8.0. It works in two ways: reducing the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation and facilitating the regeneration and smoothing of the skin, which slows down the aging processes. → A complex of an extract from Albizia julibrissin and darutoside – it stimulates collagen synthesis and contributes to the skin regeneration process, optically stretching out the so-called “crow’s feet”. Additionally, it has a lifting effect on the sagging upper eyelids, making them visibly firmer. → Low-molecular hyaluronic acid – it has a strong ability to penetrate the skin, thanks to which it increases the firmness and elasticity of the skin. → Cyclic peptide and ectoine – they have a deeply hydrating effect and optically stretch out wrinkles, making the skin more supple. → Caffeine – it stimulates the micro-circulation of blood, slightly lightening the unattractive dark under-eye circles.  Apply a small amount of the cream with your fingertips on the skin around your eyes. Use it every morning and evening to make the delicate skin around the eyes firmer and optically reduce the so-called “crow’s feet”.

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