New TT FM Collection

During the International Motivational Training in Dubai (26/9/2014), the launch of an amazing surprise collection has been announced!
Being fascinated with four elements, earth, water, air and fire, FM GROUP owners Katarzyna and Artur Trawinski created a unique limited series of products – the signature TT FM Collection!

Untamed, beautiful, captivating with power – these are the four elements, which inspired a special collection created to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our company – TT FM COLLECTION!

EARTH – this element is represented by TT perfumes: female is inspired by leather and male by wood. The perfumes have been created especially for Katarzyna Trawińska and Artur Trawiński by Alexandra Monet, one of the main creators of scent compositions at drom fragrances®. In the collection you will also find make up cosmetics in elegant, subtle colours. The products are: a palette with nine eyeshadows, blushes, nail lacquers, lip glosses and an exclusive highlighter.

parfum_trawinska Perfume for HerIn the heart of this 50 ml parfum there bloom a Turkish rose, freesia and orange blossom, whereas the precious saffron, leather and sensual musk add to the fascinating depth of the scent. Together they form a unique whole, in which oriental notes intertwine with flowers. This extraordinary fragrant signature stays in memory after a meeting with an exceptional woman.
 parfum_trawinski Perfume for HimThis 50ml parfum is a sophisticated composition of wood notes, where you can find the freshness of bergamot, spicy accents of black pepper and nutmeg, as well as velvety fragrance of monoi, and vetiver oils. It embodies power, strength and a sense of freedom.
 persian_coral Lip Glosses

Carefully selected natural shades of lip gloss perfectly emphasise the feminine subtlety and illuminate shimmering lips. The cosmetics have been enriched with ingredients loved by the skin: extract of the Spilanthes acmella flowers which has firming properties, the moisturising squalane, as well as plant oil and wax, which intensely nurture and smooth the lips. A quintessence of luxury in an elegant package.
Available shades: Japanese Pink, Persian Coral, Australian Beige
 african_earth African Earth Eyeshadow PaletteA unique Eyeshadow Palette will let you discover an inner artist. Nine perfectly harmonised colours, inspired by African wildlife, allow you to create both gentle and expressive make up. Diamond powder, contained in the shadows, reflects light like a precious stone and thus optically smooths and brightens the eyelids.
 siberian_rose Blushes

A real treasure – classic, timeless blushes, the elegant colours of which will give your skin a radiant look. A small cassette houses most valuable minerals from the depths of the Earth: volcanic lava, which provides the skin with essential micro- and macro-nutrients as well as sapphire which makes your skin captivatingly smooth.
Available shades: American Pink, Siberian Rose
 arizona_gold Arizona Gold Highlighter

It gently wraps your face with subtle light, adding to your complexion brilliance of precious
stones. It is a merit of a unique highlighter, based on ingredients of volcanic and rock origin, such as mica, sapphire and tourmaline. This exclusive beauty product also contains natural grape oil which has nourishing and moisturising properties. 
 norwegian_rose Nail Lacquers

Discover the elegant nail lacquer shades inspired by fascinating colours and landscapes which only the nature can create. Their formulas have been enriched with calcium, keratin and vitamins, the nutritional power of which nurtures nails and ensures their excellent condition.
Available shades: French Pink, Norwegian Rose, Indian Beige
– WATER – its moisturising properties have been reflected in the TT face care cosmetics with hyaluronic acid and collagen. Innovative cream in two phases and serum are the perfect answer to the needs of the skin lacking radiance and vitality.
 face_cream Face Cream

3-D technology in the service of the beauty of your skin. The innovative two-phase 30ml cream combines the wealth of active ingredients with the moisturising strength of the gel cream, which blend in each perfectly selected dose. Marine collagen and hyaluronic acid operation synergy with caffeine and ginseng extract provides intensive care and helps maintain radiant complexion.
 face_serum Face Serum

The concentrated formula of the 10ml Face Serum, inspired by the wealth of the deep sea, quenches the skin’s thirst by ensuring its optimum, long-lasting hydration. The complementary interaction of collagen, hyaluronic acid and natural grape oil stimulates regeneration of the epidermis, improves and normalises the level of hydration, restoring a healthy glow and radiant look to your skin.
– AIR – this edition includes unique products in two fragrances: fresh mint with citrus fruit and balsamic ambergris. Fill your house with fragrances using home perfumes, vacuum fresheners, soy scented candles or unique volcanic stones soaked with scent.
 volcanic-scent-stones__ Scented Volcanic Stones

Original, luxurious interior decoration with a stunning fragrance. The Volcanic Stones, which come from a French region Volvic, Auvergne, have been soaked with the notes of fresh mint and citrus fruits or balsamic ambergris. A unique porous structure of the stones absorbs the maximum amount of the composition and then gradually releases its intense and long-lasting aroma.
Available scents: Mint Valley, Ambergris Ocean
 trzcinki Mint Valley Home Perfumes

In the exclusive TT Home Perfume, we have combined the ability to create unforgettable fragrances with the art of decoration. Delightful and lasting energising notes of mint and citrus fruits as well as intoxicating ambergris have been locked in elegant glass bottles. Rattan canes slowly release the scent, filling the room with a stunning and intense aroma.
Available scents: Mint Valley, Ambergris Ocean
 ambergeris_ocean Scented Soy Candles

A fascinating fragrance in a noble and elegant, glass frame. Sophisticated, captivating aromas embedded in hand moulded candles with the highest quality of natural soy wax. The unique wooden wick gives a beautiful, bright flame and gently sizzles while burning. Give the interior a unique aroma and a discreet charm.
Available scents: Mint Valley, Ambergris Ocean
 Mint Valley Vacuum Fresheners

Celebration of everyday life is our passion. With the Vacuum Fresheners you will smell the freshness of mint and the ambergris aroma even during ordinary housekeeping tasks. These vacuum cleaner cartridges have been soaked with top quality fragrance compositions which fill the interior of your house with a unique aroma.
Available scents: Mint Valley, Ambergris Ocean
– FIRE – unpredictability of this element is perfectly reflected by surprising compositions – the products combine the sweetness and spiciness. The edition includes green tea, flavoured coffee with chocolate and pink pepper as well as beautiful scented natural soaps with particles of spicy herb for women and men.
 Tea - Strawberry on Fire(1) Strawberry on Fire Green Tea

The original Japanese Sencha and Bancha teas are true jewels among green loose leaf teas. The blend of this 75g Strawberry on Fire Green Tea has been enriched with a unique combination of strawberry flavour with a fiery pink pepper and toned down with chocolate lava. The tea brew has a noble taste – velvet and bitterness-free, with a sophisticated touch of pink chocolate.
 coffe - Chocolate Flame Chocolate Flame Flavoured Coffee

This 250g Chocolate Flame Flavoured Coffee has a velvet taste with a spicy touch. Intense dark chocolate note intertwines with oriental cardamom and a surprising touch of pink pepper. Perfectly balanced taste stimulates all senses.
 white_magma Natural Soaps

Naturally unusual: almost exclusively made of natural ingredients, including pure plant oils: palm, coconut, and sunflower oil. Enriched with a moisturising aloe vera juice, as well as regenerating and nourishing ginger extract. Contains exfoliating

particles of pepper, which gently but effectively cleanse the skin. Enjoy the fiery and energetic scents of handmade soap.
Available scents: White Magma, Volcanic Rock